Disney Character Illustration: Dark, Goethe, Death

It should be very clearly talented director Tim Burton style: dark, Goethe, death. Do you have any of these features black cute Disney associate together? A Russian Artist Andrew Tarusov is seen that the combination of these two wonderful destination, so he created a series of works, “If Tim Burton to draw the Disney character would be like it” very interesting topic, right? Let us with a look!

If you do not know Tim Burton, do not worry, look at the following Tim Burton small file it:

Tim Burton, 1958 Nian. 8 25, is an American film director, producer, artist, author, animator. Its dark, gothic, death style famous.

This devil-like figure With closed and lonely childhood habit immersed in their own little world, only the expression of life and view of the world with a painting. Until when he studied at the California Institute of the Arts for creating the monster stalks celery Disney got a scholarship, which is used to sponsor young animation to help fund their dreams come true. Which he officially became Disney animator and then as director. Tim Burton keen to depict the dislocation, good use of symbolism and metaphor approach, often black humor, unique perspective and the famously.

(from Wikipedia)












Want to see more of Andrew Tarusov’s works, visit his personal website:tarusov.comIf you like Disney related illustration, do not forget to see if we’ve previously coveredJapanese anime version of the Disney Princess and Disney princess turned into Korean girl. Which one do you like best?


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