Baby Elephants Learn How To Use Their Trunks

See How Baby Elephants Learn How To Use Their Trunks. This Will Make Your Day!

Baby elephants are one of the cutest animals in this planet. They are heavier and larger than many other animals, but they’re liked by everybody. The reason why everyone likes baby elephants can due to their awkwardly adorable way of learning how to use their trunks, and this can be verified by the GIFs below. Enjoy!

Don’t know which is my hand and which is my trunk…

Baby Elephants Learn How To Use Their Trunks
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Surreal Photos

25 Surreal Photos That Will Make You Look Twice

Does seeing really mean believing? Sometimes our eyes will trick us, even if we know something is merely illusion, it’s so hard not to be fooled.
These photos below are taken with a technique called forced perspective, which means a strategy that photographers use to make an object in the photo appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it really is.
You’ll be surprised how surreal these photos are, if you don’t believe what you see, look twice!

Someone help me!
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