Portugese artist Artur Bordalo is probably the first creating street art on the railroad tracks. He shows us how amazing can the tracks be as a piece of art.

Artur Bordalo started drawing on railways earlier this year in several places in Portugal. Playing with the horizontal lines with the rail tracks, He introduces a new kind of art to us. Well done, Bordalo. We are looking forward to see more and more people trying to create art from railroad tracks.

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What you will see below are 28 creative chairs that are totally different from those you’ve seen. They are more like art than furniture.

These 28 chairs are designed by skillful artist and designers. They tried to turn your home into a gallery of art and transform your furniture into pieces of art. I think they really get the job done.

Would you like one of these chairs in your house? Which one is your favorite? Have you ever seen any incredible chair design? If so, please let me know in the comment, I’ll add it into this list.

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Photographer Kate T. Parker took a series of her sister’s adoption of a baby boy. Who was named Sam. The series is so touching and catches everyone’s attention. It became a hit on the internet.

The photo series is named “Blended” which shows the unconditional love that a family has for its adopted child. The photos of the little baby and the family are so beautiful that you might be jealous looking at them.

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